Keaton is an 18 year-old fox living in an unnamed Canadian metropolis (loosely based on Ottawa and Montreal). He is your typical example of the average angsty teenager and often has problems conveying precisely what he's thinking. He tends to be serious a great deal which is completely different from his flippant, humourous older brother Tyko.

Growing up, Keaton was often pushed aside in favour of his older brother Tyko, who was the apple of their parents' eyes. When Tyko graduated left for university, Keaton's parents suddenly up and left for Mexico, abandonning the then 17 year-old fox. After Keaton realised that his parents were not coming back, he moved in with his brother downtown and has been there ever since. He is currently in his last year of high-school along with his girlfriend Kelly and his best friends Cott and Tom.


Keatonís prize girlfriend. Kelly is the daughter of a rather well-off family and is considered to be the most beautiful, intelligent and friendly girl at school. Keaton met her over the internet through a rather questionable MUCK program. They eventually agreed to meet (which is the first plotline in the comic) and they hit it off immediately. She has two brothers: her twin Markus and her older brother Rik, Tykoís best friend. Her father, Arthur, was 18 when his future wife had Rik and so heís not particularly old now, only about 38.


Keatonís brother with the unusual nickname serves as Keatonís guardian and mentor. His nickname comes from pieces of his name: ĎTyĀEfrom Tyler and ĎkoĀEfrom Kobbstone. Heís very laid back and spends most of his time with his friends or his girlfriend. He doesnít work but, miraculously always seems to have just enough cash to get by. Thereís no illegality involved, he actually won the Cash For Life Lottery. He also can be serious when he needs to be, giving Keaton important advice about stuff that his parents should be telling him. Tyko and Keatonís parents abandoned Keaton shortly after Tyko moved away and then Keaton was sent to live with him.


Cott is Keaton's oldest friend. The 18 year-old skunk was born only 3 days after Keaton and as such, they often celebrate their birthdays together. While although the two of them are rivals in just about everything, they are also very close friends. Their most recent rivalry was one in jest. Cott and Keaton both had a crush on the same girl, Kelly Smyth. When Cott discovers that Keaton is actually going out with her, Cott flips his lid and, at first, tries to sabotage the relationship and then, afterwards, he reveals his true nature when he tries to find out every detail about Keaton and Kelly's sex life, being an insatiable pervert.


Tom is an odd character in the sence that he's totally unpredictable. He has a foul mouth that is often mistaken for Tourette's Syndrome. Also, he's the sort of person who would do practically anything on a bet. He's been known to startle people by hiding on top of the lockers (who knows how he gets there) and tackling them as they walk by. He is random, often terribly rude but also one of the friendliest people Keaton knows.

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